Welcome to the South Australian Phonological Awareness Database (SAPAD)


The SAPAD is an online tool available to educators to help screen and monitor phonological awareness abilities in 4- to 7-year-old children. The SAPAD contains eleven game-like tasks that children, who know how to use a computer mouse or touch screen device, can self-administer. Alternatively, the tasks can be completed with the supervision of an adult. Child responses are recorded and scored by the program so that educators can track development in essential phonological awareness skills as children learn how to read.

Phonological awareness is an awareness of the sound structure of spoken words, and is an important skill for learning how to read and spell. Children who have strong phonological awareness knowledge are likely to become stronger readers and spellers, whereas children who struggle with phonological awareness are more likely to experience difficulties in reading and spelling acquisition.

The tasks presented in the SAPAD are replicated and extended from a computer-based phonological awareness assessment developed in New Zealand. These tasks have demonstrated a strong ability to predict reading outcomes, and therefore identify which children may or may not require support in developing early literacy skills. The SAPAD is currently being researched with children in South Australia as part of the project entitled, "Raising Reading Achievement in Australian Children: Predicting Literacy Pathways Using Web-Based Screening and Monitoring of Essential Pre-Reading Skills During the Early Childhood and Schooling Years", led by Dr Karyn Carson at Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.

Accessing the SAPAD

The SAPAD is free for educators:

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