Interpreting Results Emailed to You by the SAPAD System


The SAPAD system automatically emails results to registered users when the ‘submit responses and exit tasks’ button is clicked on the task page.

You will receive an email with a link to your excel file. In your excel file you will see a number of columns including the date the tasks were completed, the student’s name, age, year of education and so forth. You will also see a column called, ‘score’, which tells you how many items your student scored correctly. An example is provided below Resultsinterpretation2016

For children in their first year at school, scores on each task can be compared to the average performance of 129 New Zealand 5- to 6-year-old children. Scores can be compared based on the type of instructional reading approach used within a school. For example, ninety-five children in the New Zealand study received phonics and whole language instruction, while thirty-four received explicit phonological awareness instruction in addition to phonics and whole language teaching. Please download the following document outlining average performances per task to support interpretation of your results: Score Interpretation NZ Data  (click to open)

The SAPAD results for South Australian preschool children are available at (see Table 3):